Need help with Reverb seatpost


Jul 5, 2006
Squamish BC
Hey guys, I just got a new Reverb and Im having a hard time getting a good bleed on it.

I had to shorten the hose, did it no problem ( have done brakes several times before ) .Now Im trying to get a good bleed and it just wont work. Had to redo te hose one more time to make sure all the orings where there and nothing else was wrong.

Now when I simply push/pull on both syringe its seems fine but the seatpost remain stuck down the minute I sit on it, so I figured there' air trapped in the line somewhere...So I tried to pull on one syringe, with a gentle push on the other to create a more of vacuum effect and there's a insane amount of bubbles coming out of the system.I first thought it would eventually work but after literally hours working on it its still the same...and its the same wether I work on the seatpost OR the remote.

HELP !!!!


My name is Nick
Sep 21, 2001
behind you, don't wait up.
is the speed adjuster all the way out?
if possible try to check the fit between the syringe and tube as well. If the problem isn't improving you may be taking in air at the fittings as you push/pull.


Sep 28, 2001
Make sure when bleeding the line, the bleed ports are the highest point of either end of the line. Also, make sure the rebound speed adjust on the remote is in the full slow position. While pushing fluid from one end to the other, cycle the button on the remote a couple times to make sure to break any air bubbles free. This should solve your issues.