Need new bike advice


Apr 7, 2011
scranton, pa
i got two options

2011 green gt karakoram 1000$ model

2011 grey and blue trek mamba

both 29ers and both look incredible

but i'm curious i'm a big guy..
not small by any means
6' 240 lbs i wanna ride a 29er
i will hit the northeastern pennsylvania trails
mountainous, single track, uphill, downhill, occasional city ride
i need some advice soon, private message or get me on this post somehow
i'm a newbie to ridemonkey, so someone help me out


Mar 30, 2009
I've ridden, hiked, fished, skied and traveled all sorts of PA terrain. Ridden at Jim Thorpe's rocky trails and at trails around the Del Water Gap. Lived in northern NJ for 7 years where I rode, hiked, fished and skied the mountains too. I know the terrain back there fairly well.

The GT has a better spec overall, from my view. If you like the way it rides, that's what I'd choose. But it's really about the way the bike rides, how well you like it. If you like the way the Trek rides, get the Trek.

Pick the one that seems like a more compatible ride, that's what I'm saying.

And if they both seem okay, ride-wise, then the GT has a better spec so it's probably the better choice.


If you aren't limited to using the local bike shop, this On-One is a great value, though it has a carbon rigid fork and not a suspension fork, which you may not like?

And with shipping it might be too spendy:


You'd need to be comfortable setting it up once it arrives. If you're handy with tools, the Park Tool site can walk you through all sorts of bike maintenance:

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