Need Some Advice


Aug 27, 2005
Me and friend of mine are looking to build a trials bike for the both of us just to mess around on. We have the frame, which we are going to weld up for a bit more strength, but we still need components to go along with it. What are some of the best but cheapest components? we only wanna spend maybe $250 on all of the components. We have some wheels and stuff but we still need handle bars, stems, forks, etc. Any help is great, thank you!


Turbo Monkey
Feb 7, 2004
alex. va. usa.
first things first be very careful welding on a frame seeing that the pipes are very thin.

other than that you are going to have a very hard time getting all the parts for that price.

things to get:
standerd V brakes
strong and wide rear wheel (wide is important here)
the front some thing lighter and cheap will do. see that the front wheel will not see that abuse
cranks most anything will do but make sure you can remove the outer ring to give you greater clearance
wide rear tire and make sure that the tire or the tube is tough (both being tough is not needed)
the front tire and be and xc tire (you can go light and cheap here and run a standerd tube)
run single speed (go gears are 22 front and 17-18t on the rear)
get a longist stem ans widest h-bar you can get your hands on (mine ZOO! h-bar is 29.75" wide but anything over 27" will do fine)
if you want a seat make it a smae and a light one, the same for the post
you can biuld a fairly cheap trials bike but 250 sound a little low to me.

one last thing is that look into trials specific pads. they are much stickier than standerd pads


Jan 31, 2004
Honestly you can't go wrong with a cheap set of wheels like deore hubs laced to ryno lites. the rims are tough and the hubs aren't the best, but its a decent starting place. 100-120mm stem, and as for the bars, I would say ya, go with something wide, but not the cheapest bar you can get, you should get something kinda strong. I snaped a cheap alloy bar within a few rides when i was starting out... 2.3" or wider tire in the back, 2.1 up front(those sizes can very depending on what you have, want, or can get). Gearing, I, and alot of other people run 22-19, that's a 22 tooth chainring with a 19 tooth cog. that's your money gear ratio.

I really wouldn't worry about the frame needing any extra welds. I'm running a steel frame with no gussets at all, and my dirt jumper only has one for the disc brake and that's it. you won't be going big when you're learning... at least you shouldn't be going too big. So I wouldn't worry about the strength of your frame.

Remember to start small. Learn the basics first(track standing, corrective hoping, pivoting(up and down stairs is a great way to learn), balancing, don't worry about doing pedal kicks off drops or anything yet, that will come with time and lots of practice. Trials is hard, but the practice pays off, and it helps every other aspect of other riding as well.


Jul 17, 2003
Golden, CO
All of the above suggestions are good. A buddy and I started out doing exactly the same. We had a ton of spare parts and built up a bike for him. It was a start, but once we were hooked, we both bought some entry level trials frames and we haven't stopped.