Need some help with a new frame and old cranks....

May 25, 2006
So I've finally decided to retire my old Ironhorse Yakuza Bakuto from 2005ish. Its served me well for the coupe times a year I ride it, but I happened on a great deal on a Santa Cruz Nickel frame that I couldnt pass up. In the interest of keeping costs down, I'm re-using as many parts as I can. One of those is the cranks. The IH came with a set of Truvative Hussefelt cranks, Gigapipe BB, and 2 ring + E13 bashguard. This setup has been fantastic the last 6 years or so...no problems at all and they are still performing well.

However....I would like to run a chainguide to keep the noise and chain slap to minimum, and the Nickel doesnt have ISCG mounts, so I'm stuck using a BB mount guide. I like the simplicity of the Blackspire Stinger. I was thinking of getting a new e-type bottom bracket so that my spacing stays correct per Blackspires suggestion, but I've seen some reference to the older style Hussefelt cranks not quite being the same ISIS sizing/shape as the new stuff, so the cranks wont tighten up on a new BB.

Anybody have any experience with this that can offer some guidance?