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I'm new to the Denver area and needed hi-spd internet. I was really disappointed w/ Comcast when I had them in Steamboat, as was my experience w/ Useless West/Qwest. So, does anyone use anything else avail in the Golden area (I'm not even sure what's avail here). Friggin' Qwest is bumming me out again and I just tried to access Comcast's site and it's sucking ass! Stipulation is less than $50.00/mo for 1.5/768 down/up would be good. Thanx in advance.



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Sep 21, 2003
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pixelninja said:
Check out http://www.dslreports.com and do a search on your zip code.

I had AWESOME service from http://www.speakeasy.net and they have a package that is in your price range (before taxes) but the up speed is only 384.

Personally, I'm more than happy with my Comcast service.
:stupid: I used to have Speakeasy DSL service, but they couldn't get it to my new pad. Now I'm using Comcast and getting almost 3-4Mb/sec during off-peak periods. :thumb:

My cost for internet only is ~$55/mo.


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Yeah. The reason I got bum'd at Comcast is they refused to gimme their DNS addys. I don't like their dynamic crap so I hard set mine one each machine. At times when I was in the 'Boat, I'd almost completely loose DNS and had to use some free DNS servers. If I go Comcast, this is gonna be a sore issue...
Now Qwest... what can I say (that already hasn't and burnt as effigy). The quoted me $65 ish for my line and internet and now, it hasn't been below $85.00...and I don't make but $5.00 in long dist each month. I'm thinking of wireless and another ISP these days...

Edit: I think I need to chk into Speakeasy...


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Jun 14, 2003
Denver, CO
Pau11y said:
Edit: I think I need to chk into Speakeasy...
The great thing about Speakeasy (at least when I had them) was their customer service. I never waited more than a few minutes any time I called them. Usually someone picked up right away. They also posted their uptime stats right on their website. The installation process was one of the easiest and trouble free transitions I've ever experienced. I had Qwest before them, and Speakeasy was able to simply take my service away from them. I didn't have to hassle with Qwest until Speakeasy had already set me up.

Only reason we switched to Comcast was that we were looking for ways to cut back on our budget. We were paying around $70/month with Speakeasy. We're paying around $45 with Comcast and its also faster. Customer service isn't nearly as good, but its a case of "you get what you pay for".

Just curious, why do you need their DNS info?