Negril Fat Tyre Reunion Festival & Bashment Feb 4-15-2017

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    Celebrating the good times and amazing vibes we all shared in Jamaica on mountain bikes forming the 1st annual Negril Fat Tyre Festival in 1999. This festival featured not for profit good times on trails built by JAMBA.
    JAMBA was built and operated by Linda Levy and Rusty Jah Love ex-owners and operators of Rusty's X-cellent Adventures. Eventualy the festival was destroyed by Hurricane Ivan and moved to Ochos Rios in 2007 and is now an annual sold out week long event. This edition will ride over 10 solid days of quality rides for extremely low rates like the original deal as this 10 day feast will be not for profit, expenses only. Fees tba.

    Rides will feature the old haunts of Jamaican mountain bike roots from Negril's deep west end Red Ground's Great House, Good Hope and on to Orange Hill, Homers Cove, Little Bay, The Ice House.
    Good old vibes and new adventures just like the mountain bikers attending


    Feb 5th-NIGHT-Welcome Basement on the cliffs at LTU Pub with DJ's MADMON & 22 PAC
    along with some epic films....DH Prod's "Jamaica Soul Ride" & Hans "noway" Rey's "Level Vibes"

    Feb. 6th-DAY-The Jangalee Graveyard Trail- built on the original JAMBA XC race course this
    intermediate XC trail should warm up your legs and stir some memories.

    Feb. 6th-NIGHT-The Bob Marley Basement featuring Luciano at MX111 from our roof top gazeebo.

    Feb. 7th-RECOVERY-Off to the Blue Hole Mineral Spring tour via Uncle Sam's Blues & Hog Heaven.

    Feb 8th & 9th-Two full days on the Red Ground DH & Enduro trails- Rusted Roots, Scrub'a'dub and
    a new DH trail named "Strait's Revenge" built on the resurrected National Jamaican DH course '99-'06.

    Feb 10th-Long haul XC day-via Hog Heaven to Homers Cove where we hit up "JJ Duppy" an original
    through 3 valleys looping back to the 7 mile beach or Half Moon's Calico Jack's Pirate Island

    Feb 11th-NIGHT--X-cellent night for a Full Moon Ride to Little Bay.......details soon come.

    Feb. 12-14-MOUNTAINS-depending upon rider and nature's demands this epic DH leg is TBC.
    or we are riding the old Orange Hill trails and other magical spots in the Westend.
    please check out the website for details and link up.
    Maximum respect.
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