Turbo Monkey
Jan 14, 2002
All these hop-up kits trying to fix an air spring when a regular metal spring will work just fine.
I brought this up on the 'Beer, but I think there are some legitimate reasons for air springs, such as tuning for different riders. I'd much rather rent a DH bike at a resort with a Vivid air/CCDB air/Float X2, as the "coil" rentals will inevitably just come with whatever force came with that size frame and will be downright unsafe in many situations when you don't weigh exactly the right amount. Putting people on ill-setup bikes is irresponsible and eventually going to bite some people in the ass when it's a lawyer that gets F-ed up, which brings me to the next point. Almost never does your bike shop actually have coil springs in stock to fit whatever coil-sprung bike/fork to your actual weight/riding style. That makes it a logistical pain in the ass to get the thing set up for you, guessing what spring weight might work out and then hoping that the tolerances are close enough so that it actually does. Then what if you vary your weight by 15lbs on long rides with gear vs. just you and a few pads or wanting to set it up stiffer for some harder riding, etc. Don't get me wrong, I'd rather have a coil, but the reality is the practicality with 4 or so manufacturers making various different coil OD/ID specs is total shit. Oh wait, let me order another spring from Jenson USA again... This doesn't excuse dip-shit designs that come with air shocks and are ill-suited for those air shocks as well as air-shocks with piss-poor damping circuits that exacerbate the problem. Eventually this gets you to some kind of a impasse with the incompatibility of air and coil leverage curves, you have to choose one and kind of deal with the other crap.


Turbo Monkey
Apr 19, 2013
sw ontario canada
It sounds like an interesting idea, an evolution of the standard style token
If you can firm up the midstoke but at the same time have a more gradual ramp up at end of stroke, I can see the possible benefit.
I would however be interested in what environmental temperature change does, as well as the long term effects of aging, exposure to oils etc etc.

I don't really think anybody is trying to turn them into a coil fork, as we already have those. This is more to mitigate the issues of the air spring with regard to mid stroke support and end of stroke ramp up. Like I said, really nothing more than tokens Ver 2. I think the IRT I have in my Mattoc trail fork is a much better solution, albeit more expensive and more fiddly to dial in.


Dec 3, 2008
Sounds really cool, except for the name. Not sure if that was intended or not, looks more like an April fools joke.

Waiting till someone will figure out what is it made of, and post it on some forums, so You can get it at mcmaster for 0.05 cents per cubic ton.