New and Improved 29er Photo Gallery Thread


Jun 10, 2002
IF 29er built for endurance racing. Was supposed to be built with Lefty, but I'm not going that route until I'm again confident that I will not have to rebuild it from the factory.

PF30 BB shell - SWORKS cranks w/ XX spider and 39/ 26 rings...I think. 39-something. This was frustrating to set up, as the cranks are designed around an 84mm bb shell. The PF30 shell is 68mm. Took a while to get it right.

Hadley hubs w/ Asahi bladed spokes and Crest rims.

Elixir CRs

9sp X0 gripshift with 11/34 XT cassette and mid-cage X0 derailleur. FD is an X0 10sp der. Chain is a Dura-Ace 7800.

Reba Dual-Air dropped to 80mm.

Paint is supposed to sort of represent the minute between 6:59 and 7:00 as seen on an analog clock. My shop closes at 7. Colors are Rapha inspired.


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Aug 23, 2002
Roanoke, VA
A commuter/cruiser/Long Island XC machine that we're building for our buddy Atom for NAHBS. It's getting a full Paul build kit.
I'm super stoked for it- and I'll try to update you guys on the build process as it goes along...

Here's the tubeset for a 29" aluminum race frame that should be finished up in a few weeks too.

I've pretty much accepted that 29" wheels are pretty awesome and I'm glad that we can start popping such pretty ones out so quickly.
Apr 11, 2011
'08 Redline d440 (not it's present setup,but the most recent pic I have-soon to be a gravel grinder/mostercrosser..)

'10 Dawes Deadeye (it's a Bikesdirect.com bike,was gifted to me by a friend recently,SS)

'11 Vassago Jabbewocky (haven't even got it on trail yet,just 10 miles with the kids at the track today,LOL!)
As first assembled:

As of today's parts swapping:
Apr 11, 2011
Likewise sir!!!:thumb:
I don't think you ever called me 'sir' before,LMBO! (but then,since I couldn't get into my old neglected account,and had to start a new one-since I've had a 'new' email for months anyways-you probly don't know me,eh? :p Steve,formerly Longhaultrucker just about everywhere :))
Apr 11, 2011
LOL,well that spoils any pranks/fun to have been had :p:rofl: How's you been old friend?

Me?,you know the old spinal injury? Well,V2-C4 will "slip" a minute amount out from where it's supposed to be from time to time,putting pressure on the 'Chord when it does,causing all kinds of "fake" problems/false signals,usually lasting only 7-10 days...this last one lasted 7+ months,so that's where I been...off the bike (and off the forums so it didn't depress me,LOL!).

Glad to see you're still around,my friend :thumb:


Aug 6, 2007
Longview, Washington
These are the only pics I have of it. The gravity Lights were replaced by KForce Carbons, the V1's replaced by Salsa Flat 710's, Speed V for a Devo.

Right now it's torn down as I stole the hubs and fork for my Reign build. I've got a Lefty Max to be installed, 240 hubs, and I'll be trying out a 1x10 set up and dropper post this time around.

I really can't bring myself to get rid of this bike. I love it.


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Jun 8, 2007
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Jan 5, 2013
I will not know if I wasted all my cash till right around march depending on the spring
I am on the fatbike right now
the quality seems there but only time will tell