New Apex Park Trail Use Plan is unfriendly to Mountain Bikes and needs your attn!

Full Trucker

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Feb 26, 2003
Exit, CO
Get all the sordid details HERE, and take action by writing emails and making calls to Jefferson County!


COMBA said:

Just a heads up that JCOS has come back with their proposed plan for Apex and it is not bike friendly. COMBA is working on a strategy for our response and will be looking for your support– especially at the October 1st OSAC meeting where this will presumably be ratified (mark your calendar!).

We encourage everyone to read the plan for themselves (PDF).

In a nutshell, in an attempt to "Eliminate 'downhill biking' (shuttling)" (a stated objective), sections of trail—including Enchanted Forest—will be designated as one-way uphill only just for bikes... that is, the only travel restrictions being imposed are against our user-group. Likewise, the section of trail between Sluicebox and Pick N Sledge will become one-way uphill only (again just for bikes). What this means is that any cyclist riding down from the top of Apex (say after a Chimney climb) will need to descend Apex proper at the top, then at the intersection of Sluicebox you will have to climb back out of the gulch and go up and around, coming back down Pick N Sledge to get back to the Heritage TH. This is essentially the plan (which we opposed) which was submitted by your biker representatives on the Trails Use Task Force, though without the alternating schedule.

To be clear, COMBA opposes this plan and will work to see that it is not initiated as it is currently presented; we believe the plan as-is will only make matters worse– both from an enforcement issue as well as pushing this type of usage to other nearby parks... how long until Belcher (White Ranch) or Castle (Mt. Falcon) trails are designated as uphill-only, as both of those have upper "shuttle" access as well?

Stay tuned.


Michael Bolton
Sep 21, 2003
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I've resisted getting involved in the past... but no more.

JOIN COMBA. It's time to start putting up some $$ and some time and getting our voices heard. There are rumors that the chair of the OSAC has resigned... which is an opportunity to get a bike-friendly person on that committee.

This needs to happen...