New Avid DH brake?

Apr 19, 2008
Just was surfing around and found this pic. Seems like Avid has a new brake coming for the hardcore in all of us. I thought that the Code was good enough for me...
Any thoughts?



Mar 23, 2002
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Considering the J7s were more than ample brakes for DH, I wonder what micro-niche they're supposed to fill in the Avid's product line.
Sep 20, 2007
Champaign, IL
Someone said in another thread that they were more progressive (had a lot more modulation). I, like everyone else, has no idea if it's true or not. My guess is that they will be lighter than the Codes though and still have more than enough power (like a Juicy 7). Who knows.


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Sep 27, 2005
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I'm intrigued by this "Variable bore" technology. Surely, the range over which the master piston moves once the pads hit the disk is incredibly small. I would have thought that this system either a) is of very little benefit or b) requires a very spongy brake. Obviously, I'm speculating, and I'm sure I'm wrong, but I'd be intrigued as to how they overcome this.


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Mar 14, 2005
I just want the calipers, will decide on the levers after I try them. Like big-ted I'd be worried about them feeling spongy or an awkward power delivery (or both), but who cares, it's not like they don't have enough levers to choose from already.

But the calipers - top loading (f'in finally), bigger piston area than juicy will mean more power, but less than code, which will in turn mean less excess lever throw (can be a problem in codes from what I've seen, since they have a pretty high hydraulic lev. ratio). If the pads are bigger than the juicy, and they're cheap like jvnixon said, I think we'll have a winner.

Hopefully the caliper isn't much heavier than the juicy either... it doesn't look it anyway.


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Aug 8, 2005
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I like the look most, I will be interested more to see them in person whenever they come in. I would like to see a cutaway on the Lever itself, really like the caliper. I will try to find a cutaway.

Edit... Nevermind JV Nixon got it