New Blog/Photos on Anthill Site

Jun 26, 2009
Hey everyone,

We haven't posted for awhile, so we thought we would update you all on the progression of Follow Me. We have a new blog post up on our site from the time we spent recently in Kamloops. If you would like to take a read, pls follow this link: http://www.anthillfilms.com/content/2009/10/dedication/

Sterling Lorence took a bunch of shots over the course of that week and they can be viewed on our site as well: http://www.anthillfilms.com/zenphoto/kamloops/ and http://www.anthillfilms.com/zenphoto/the-loops-two/

Sam Hill arrived yesterday in Vancouver and we will be shooting with him and Thomas Vanderham for the remainder of the week. Looking forward we have planned shoots through the winter in Mexico, New Zealand, and possibly Utah. So, we'll keep you all posted as it gets rolled out.

Thanks everyone,

-Anthill Films