New Camera for riding.


Nam I am
Well The point and shoots I use for taking pictures while riding , take a severe beating, So on a regular basis I need to replace mine. so this is my latest $30 ebay special an HP 435 3.1 mp.

I went with Ocron and a a couple of others down to Otis

The pictures are so so , I am going to have to fiddle with the settings

this one does take video.

oh and here is the GPS track of the ride we did



Nov 11, 2001
Real fun ride today. Who knew there were actual climbs on the cape? Thanks for leading the way. Now go rtfm... :D


Jun 25, 2007
I got an Olympus SW 770 and it is pretty great if your rough on your equipment. It's a 7.1 meg with 3x optical zoom and image stabilization. It's water proof to 33ft, shock proof (droppable 5ft to pavement), crush proof to 220lbs and can work in 14deg weather. It's pretty impossible to tear up. Yeah it's not $30 it's more like $300 but it's defiantly worth it. I had it in my pocket one day while goofin' around on a bunch of rocks and I fell on the camera pretty hard. I has a nice little dent on it now but it didn't hurt it's performance a bit (still water proof and such) It takes pretty good pictures as well especially for outdoor pic's. It takes decent sized video and has sport mode so your MTB pictures won't blur so bad. I'm a photographer on the side and it is a great camera. My only complaint is that it dosen't to to hot with the flash indoors but for riding or anything outside it's amazing!

Just my two cents.



Jan 27, 2008
Picked up a digital hero wrist camera. Shoots stills and videos. Not too bad. Mount it to the bars to catch your ride in action. You can also get a helmet mount from them

Waterproof wristcam was first made for surfers so you can wear it while surfing and catch the action.