New DH junkies on YouTube, gopro or 3rd person?

Oct 14, 2013
Oslo, Norway
We are a couple of guys from Oslo, Norway who love downhill. We usually go out riding 4-6 times a week. Our goal when we go out is to come up with the stupidest idea and then do it. And so far its going great, except three broken arms and a couple of concussions... But its worth it!
Anyway.. we are starting a new channel on youtube called "blurry pictures" right now the link to our channel is www.youtube.com/user/mrfhaugen. we would love it if some of our fellow downhill enthusiast checked it out. we come out with a new video 2-3 times a month, hope you guys enjoy! :D
Lastly, what do you guys enjoy the most? GoPro follow cam or 3rd person?


Oct 14, 2013
Awesome videos guys! I kinda like the mix of both head cam and 3rd person, like the one you used in your second video:) keep up the good work!!