New Downhill Video Contest!

Jun 10, 2008
Hey fellow Ridemonkeys! I am here to tell you about a new video contest. Read the rules below, and enter it! Also, so you know, if your video is already up on pinkbike or youtube, ALL YOU NEED TO DO is email us and we will take it into consideration! Here are the rules. You can read them and find the rest of the information at http://www.downhillforcheap.com/videocontest

To celebrate the launch of our new site we are holding a video contest! The contest is going to be simple. The website is DownhillForCheap.com not downhillforlotsofdough.com, so we are discouraging people from entering videos that they shot on professional cameras. We want those of you, who like us, are just out there riding for the fun of it, and shooting videos to show their friends. Heres what we are looking for:

1. Fun! We want to see people out having fun and goofing around on their bikes because that's what this is all about!

2. Good quality Filming: We want everyone to enter the contest regardless of film camera or editing software. What we don't want though is videos that are just compilations of you and all your buddies hitting the same two jumps. Lets see some variety of shots, jumps and trails!

3. Great Riding: Great riding to us is just not just one hit wonder riding. We want to see flow and finesse. It doesn't matter what type of riding you are doing, be it dirt jumping, downhill, or any other type, we want to see style and control!

1. Best Overall Video: A combination of riding, editing, filming, and most importantly fun! This will be judged by us and awarded on 7/15. The 1st place video will receive $100, and hella bragging rights. The second place video will receive eternal glory and the knowledge that they are the first loser. Oh and $50. Third Place will receive $25.

2. Mention of the site: For the videos that get First through Third Place, If at some point in the video you mention the website by name, (i.e. you give www.downhillforcheap.com a shoutout) there will be an extra 25 dollars awarded! (Note: Just putting in a title or text in the video will not count)

How To Participate
You can enter the contest at any point in time between 7/1/2008 and 7/15/2008 Once your video is finished, upload it to youtube. Follow the Youtube terms of service. The video should be at max 3 and 5 minutes long. While uploading you can name it whatever you want but the video description should include some mention of “downhillforcheap.coms video contest” This is so people can find it easily.

Once it is online, drop us an email at downhillforcheap@gmail.com In that email you need to include your name, your videos name, a valid email address. We will then add the video to our youtube channel. The videos will not be changed in any way by us, however we may change the title/descriptions a little just to make them easier to search for and find. The video does not need to be filmed specifically for the contest. So if you want to enter a video you shot last year and already have edited together,you can enter it. If the video is already on youtube, just drop us an email and we will add it. As long as it has not been entered in another video contest, we will allow it.


A panel of discerning critics has been assembled by us to carefully judge each video.


The video must be original. No entering any clips from a professional video. You are instantly disqualified for doing so.

All decisions made by the judges are final.

The Prizes will be sent out on 7/16 by Paypal to the winners

All taxes on prize and all expenses related to acceptance and use of the prize not specified are the sole responsibility of the prize winners. By participating, entrants agree: [a] to these rules and decisions of Sponsor and Contest Administrator, which shall be final in all respects relating to the Contest; and to release, discharge and hold harmless Contest Entities from any and all injuries, liability, losses and damages of any kind resulting from their participating in the Contest or their acceptance, use or misuse of a prize including, without limitation, personal injury, death and property damage, and claims based on publicity rights, copyright, trademark, defamation or invasion of privacy.

By submitting an entry, you grant permission, without limitation, for your Original Video Submission to be displayed online as part of the DownhillForCheap.com Contest. Further, by entering you warrant and represent that your Original Video Submission is your own original work created by you, is true and verifiable, has not been previously published, has not won a previous prize or award, that you own or otherwise control all of the rights to your entry materials and Original Video Submission (including, without limitation, the rights to any persons appearing in the Original Video Submission or any photographs, music or video clips included in the Original Video Submission) and that your Original Video Submission does not violate any law, regulation or any right of any third-party, including but not limited to rights of copyright, publicity and privacy. Submitting an Original Video Submission that is copyrighted by another individual will make you responsible for any legal action the legal copyright holder might take against you.

Original Video Submissions must be configured on YouTube so they can be embedded on third party websites.

Entrants retain the copyright to their Original Video Submission. No use will be made of the Original Video Submission other than transferring it to DownhillForCheap account and embedding it on Downhillforcheap.com and other sites.