New Felt DJ plans


Jun 1, 2007
Photo from Blackboxlabs.net
When first looking at this frame I though it was a stock JumpShot, but looking at the bottom bracket I saw that it was a custom frame, not a surprise for a team rider.

So it was posted up a while back, by felt and some other web sites, that cam zink had signed with felt. Many of us saw this ans an odd move due to the fact that felt doesn't modern geometry dj bike or slope style bike. but a post on http://blackboxlabs.net/ reasures me that this was just a step in the R&D and promotion process for new gravity/dj bikes.

The post states that Joscha Forstreuter (Germany), who rides for SRAM-BlackBox, Adidas, and formely Nicolai is the newest Felt rider. though I've never heard of joscha, but that means nothing, it shows that felt is moving in the right direction, and i'm looking forward to seeing some new more modern and aggressive gravity frames come out of their factory, which I'm sure will be the case in due time.

quote from Joscha-from blackboxlabs.net
"I'm pretty excited. They have some new sick bikes in the pipeline, with input by Cam Zink and me. They work with 150% dedication and I'm proud to be on the team."