New here - Youngstown OH


Aug 15, 2012
Youngstown, Ohio
Whats up guys? I recently took up an interest in getting lost in my thoughts while on the trails near where I live. I figured Id try to meet some people like me. And well in all honesty, see where it takes me. Im new to this whole biking thing and with my terrible 88 dollar walmart bike - parents bought it (17 right now and unemployed) I average about 6 miles a day. Hopefully I can get a better bike soon.

Anyways, My name is Alex Zelenski, if there is anything you want to know about me just ask. And if someone would be so kind, tell me about the website and well any insider information that one learns from being here a while, like how the community is, how active everyone is, all that good stuff. Was the time it took to subscribe to this website worth it? Or should I have just "lurked" around reading the articles and posts?