New Hitch Rack Designs


i heart mac
Apr 15, 2002
Wonder how these various racks compared with older designs from Thule/Saris/Yakima? T2 seems like the current best but has flaws that need attention (ask Luc about the T2). T2 still holds the advantage over these new racks in that you can adjust tray positioning more but that same adjustability is one reason for their durability problems. T2 has the locks built into the arms too...


1. Hookup -> Holdup
The current Hookup is the with the rapid and convenient loading using tire wells and a swing arm on the tire like the Sport Works. The replacement "Holdup" model is lighter (35 versus 50 lbs) that will make the install easier, along with the new hitch pin (see below). The new rack is also stiffer with bigger tubes, and more convenient to use. It will be able to handle bigger frames, up to long cruiser bikes, and large 29'er bikes just fine.
more locations for mounting and control points...use a new anti-sway pin that eliminates the need for screwing in the hitch with a bolt.
http://www.yakima.com/Product.aspx?Number=8002420 (new budget yamika based on various existing cheaper hitch racks out there)

http://www.softride.com/?/rack-products/specifications/versa_rack (cheaper rack, seems only to be sold at big box stores for the most part - expanding trays look suspect)