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Mar 13, 2002
Portland Oregon
hey i'm interested in mountain biking, but i don't want to just go out and ride somewhere i've never been before and i was interested in joining a club...i'm not sure if this is a club board, or if i just randomly found it. so yeah i'm looking for maybe a club to join or something, but thought it might be useful to know how much money i'm looking at spending just to join a club and get a bike and all that wonderful stuff. so can anyone help me? thanks. :help:


Feb 16, 2002
Manitoba, Canada
I'm sure if you went around to your LBS (Local Bike Shop) they would be happy to help you. Most bike shops have "club rides" or group rides every week, and its usually open to anyone who wants to join. You don't even have to pay (at least not in my city). They could also give you some prices on bikes, equipment, and anything else bike related.

To get a starter bike, you will probly be looking at around 500-1200 dollars (thats canadian). But it depends what you want, and what kind of riding you'll be doing. So talk to your LBS, and they will be happy to help you out! :thumb:


Der hund ist laut und braun
Aug 22, 2001
Bend, Oregon
Hey, Welcome to RM Itchy8me, LOL, good name! I'll second that suggestion, the price you pay for a beginner bike all depends on how much you WANT to pay. How much riding to you plan on doing?