New Ideas for Bike Gear?


Jan 22, 2008
Hello everyone!!!

My name is Sean and I am a Design Student at Pasadena Art Center.
For this year I am trying to do design some bike gear (hard and soft) for a class to ideate new stuff or better for us to use and have fun while we are protected!! :busted:

My first assignment is to do some research about what you guys think about the brand of Vans Pro-Tec helmets and protective gear to start off. I can be good and/or bad because your feedback is the utmost important input for us to create better products for you guys!!~~~~ :lighten:

Is there anything you guys might want to add or subtract with the Vans Pro-Tec Brand?

(Blue Tooth, GPS, Electronic Gauges…ect…anything goes! Maybe a Sony PS3 integrated into the helmet? Hehehehe. Crazier the better)

(New ways to tighten gear such as using a turn dial…. New components for better control such as having shock absorbers like Nike Air?)

(New colors, patterns, or materials…. Like carbon fiber, mesh fabric, metals…ect.)

Also is there anything that we should take out that is annoying the crap out of you?

I am here to listen and change it for all of ya~~~~ and your voice is very important and respected.



ass rainbow
Jul 12, 2005
If you could figure out a way to create assless chaps with chamois built in, I'm sure a few people around here would snatch them up like hotcakes.

Seriously, though, the pro-tec helmets are alright but are a bit too bulky for my taste in half shells. Someone needs to bring back the old lizard skins neoprene shin guards for an acceptable price (15-20 bones). That's all I can think of for the moment.


Chelsea from Seattle
Apr 28, 2007
This has nothing to do with ProTec helmets, but I'd love to see some really good, lightweight pads. Most of what I can find is either cheap crap, or heavy, restrictive full on DH armor.

(If anyone has suggestions for products that match what I'm after, by all means, post up)


Mama Monkey
Oct 30, 2003
Dancin' over rocks n' roots!
Well, this doesn't have a lot to do with the specific products you mentioned, but how about some more women's specific products (especially protective gear) that are actually designed to fit women and aren't all flowery and pink. I'm tired of really short shorts for riding and baggy shorts that aren't so baggy...if I want to wear lycra, I'll buy lycra ;)


Mar 5, 2003
You have to post up some baller sketches before I answer any questions. jk

Pro-tec is one of those things that has become a classic, soo updating it is dangerous.

Also no added tech (make it to gimicky) unless its a system to let me listen to my ipod wirelessly while still letting me hear the world around me, aka traffic.

I'm thinking super directional speakers with some kind of backwards sound canceling tech so only I can hear the sound.

Now post up some sketches.
Sep 20, 2007
Champaign, IL
What are those pads that are soft to wear but harden on impact? I would like to see that technology used further. Make protective gear as least restrictive as possible without sacrificing function.