New member, back after 8 years lazy


Jun 4, 2011
Hey, back into mountain biking after my wife and I got some Ghost 3000, and Ms. 3300 Bikes from our local shop here for a great price. I am Army and have been stationed all over the place and deploying time after time, and havent had the time or money to get back into the sport.

I had a folding frame no-name in Iraq back in '09, and thats the last bike I had. Just used it to get to and from the flightline sparingly.

I am in Germany at the moment (hence Ghost) and got the bike for father's day, best present I have got from anyone in a looooong time. Had it 3 days and I allready have put about 5 hours on it. It's now going to be my main mode of transportation to and from work ;)

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