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Jan 16, 2005
go-ride.com said:
Don't be in too big of a hurry. In the desert and off-road racing more and more guys are going back to 2S. 2Ss are still lighter, more reliable, easier to fix, less expensive to buy and maintain, quieter and for me they are also more fun to ride on single track..
good advice to keep in mind blt2ride...


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MX 887 said:
Sweet bike. I have an 05 and I love it. Great bike. As for the valves I do not think they need to be checked that often but it can't hurt. I raced all year on my bike- about 25 races in two classes and it ran great. other than smashing a radiator and the such:D but it does involves constant regular maintenance ie. oil/filter...
There is nothing like whipping a moto so fun. I am just figuring out how to scrub on my moto this year.
Anyhoo enoiugh glamour shots of the bike lets see some action:thumb: :thumb:
Thats what I hear.So glad I got aYZ 450-they seem to have alot less invasive maintinence issues than the other two.I really need some scrub lessons-seems to be the same movement as a whip, just on a later part of the face.I love moto.:D :love:


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May 21, 2002
Orange, Ca
ChrisKring said:

You couldn't get the Bro-deal from Cully? Or did you think the Yoshi was better?

I'll probably go with the FMF Dual whenever I get the 250SXF since I need to keep the noise down.
Ha, yeah Cully could have got me the bro-cal deal, but my brothers design house did some work for Yosh and sent over a few pipe kits, one didnt fit my brothers bike so I was rewarded...I could not tell the diff between em all anyway-just a slow poser. ;-)


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Dec 11, 2001
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Sending out waves of PURE FRICKIN' JEALOUSY!!!!

mtnbrider...try hitting a local kids moto track on your DH bike and trying your damnedest to backside a simple 20 foot table top all afternoon....

......then have the kid hand you his dad's dinky old XR 200 and immediately over-clearing that same jump by over 10 feet straight into a set of 2 foot high whoops!...hah...classic stuff. I hadn't ridden moto in so long that I kept it pinned all the way up the face and sailed way too far. Best part was landing to flat on the whoops and riding out like nothing happened!!!

I MISS MY KAWASAKI KX125!!!!!:mumble: