New Sam Hill Signature Tire by Specialized


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Jun 9, 2003
El Lay
I just purchased a Butcher 2.5 because of this thread. It will go on the front, as it is wider than the 2.5 DHF 3C I'm pairing it with.

It sure *looks* good. I would be happy if it lasted longer than the 3C while performing as good/better/nearly as good.

$75 is gnarly though.


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Mar 3, 2005
How long are these tires lasting? Considering they're $75 a piece I would expect quite a bit of longevity from them.


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May 24, 2007
Lizard Town
...list price, but these probably won't be found on crc anytime soon :(

However, since I usually just want my tires when I need them, and like to support my shop, I'm stoked to try these!


May 24, 2009
Anyone running these?

They roll much faster, don't have as much grey area between the center and sideknobs, and have a little more ultimate grip that DHFs. And they are at least a little more durable than 3c minions so far.


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Sep 16, 2008
Ottawa, Canada
this thread reminded me I needed to mount mine before my ride tomorrow. I'm replacing a 2.7 DHF 3C on a Mavic 721. I measured that before taking it off, and it came in at 56mm at the casing and 62mm at the knobs. Now mounted, the Butcher 2.5 measures in at 55.55mm at the casing and 61.5mm at the widest part of the knobs.

I'm looking forward to giving them a try tomorrow. it's going to be wet, so it should be a good test.

fwiw, these are the non-Hill edition, and they are mated to a 2.7 DHF 3C on an MTX 33 in the rear.


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Jan 25, 2003
Anyone run these last year? I need some new tires and would like to give them a try.

Anyone see any deals out there on the Hill Edition?


Mar 30, 2011
The Sam Hill edition is the same as the normal Butcher, just with his name on it. Awesome tire though.


May 24, 2007
I have been on them for a bit. Running them tubeless on EX500's and they have been perfect so far. I don't see a reason to change them anytime soon. Probably buy new ones when the old ones die.

and for a pic


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Apr 7, 2006
Smackdonough, GA
I think the Butcher breaks loose sooner than the Minion IMO! The Butcher wears out faster than the Minion 3C also. This being said I run Specialized Clutch tires with better results than both the Butchers and the Minions. Had a couple times used set of Butchers on for a dry race and kept sliding out in a corner during practice, while carefully turning. Went back up and put on the Clutches and came into the corner and tried to make them slide out and they stuck like stickem'
I will say that the Butchers do roll faster!
Dec 7, 2009
Cloud Kiwi
Butchers 2.5fr - 2.3 r DH casings and are my new go to tire, I usually run Minions still all time favs I prefer ST or SR to 3Cs though.

Maybe our conditions on my local track in RotoVegas NZ suits though, conditions soft rooty, great hook up on most tires really, some still better imo, even in summer great conditions top to bottom plenty of grip and bite [we ride all year here too] so even in winter drys will hook up unless extreme conditions. So soft compounds work well here and don't wear that fast either another benefit of local conditions in the Redwoods/Whakarewarewa forest.

I've found the Butchers here far superior for me anyway in both dry and wetish damp conditions!

I also just spent 2 weeks in Queenstown before Oceania's last weekend here in RotoVegas and didn't expect them to wear well or hook up in the hard pack dry of Qtown'a Bike park on the Gondala or Wynyard or the rock & speargrass of Dirt Park even had snow on the first day of Dirt Park, second day was a good 30deg and dust my favorite conditions, just an awesome place Qtown & Central Otago.

But man was I mistaken, they have been awesome at one end of the country to the other and our conditions / tracks vary allot from place to place and seem to be wearing well. .

So for me I'm stoked and these are staying put so much so I brought another set for race only days.

I did race Oceania's with Hillbilly's [2.3]for the first time also and the hook up was awesome tire pressure seemed to make a big difference with these as roots became pretty exposed by last practice before seeding runs and I got knocked of line a bit, dropped a few psi and no problems just back to awesome hook up especially when missing a line. ya could just aim point and shoot and go there no issues.

Butchers [drys] were probably still faster in some places but it's a compromise huh and after 2 weeks full on riding in Qtown a gammy heal I chose hook up and stability over shear speed.

Saying that most of the Elites were on cut down Wetsreams and a few Swampthings, Muddy Marys were out there too so I was happy with my choice's, the tires did not let me down.

So for me Butchers I love em on the DH bike and they're also going on my trail / super D bike for the front and a Purgatory on the rear.

Hillbillys for wets, I don't know if I'd ever use full spikes again now.

That's my take!


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May 30, 2007
How does the Butcher 2.3 compare to the Minion 2.5 in SIZE?
i don't have a butcher dh casing but...

butcher control 2.3 on bonty duster rims - ~56mm casing, ~57mm knobs
minion dhf st 2.5 dh casing on bonty big earl rims - ~56mm casing, ~59mm knobs