New Shimano Nexus 8 Hub Noise


Jul 13, 2011
I have a new Shimano Nexus 8 hub that is making noise. I went through Shimano's troubleshooting guide and it is properly installed, adjusted and the hub itself is definitely where the noise is coming from. I have ridden about 100 km, and the noise has not gotten worse or better. It is not a nasty grinding noise or anything, just a constant roughness in all gears. Also, it seems to stick in certain gears. To me, this sounds like a lubrication problem, but it is my first experience with an internal gear hub, so I'm rather clueless about it even though I've read through all of the info on the Shimano site. Returning it is a big hassle. I ordered it from a shop in Nagano and I'm in Kochi -- very far. Also, even though my Japanese is fair, communicating via phone or email about bicycles is not my strongest area. It would be best if I could troubleshoot it myself, fix it if possible and leave sending it back as last resort. Just to note, the shop in Nagano did a really good job assembling the bike and I have no reason to doubt them. Any advice is appreciated. Thank you.