new to dh


Sep 24, 2005
okay, im not really new to the mountain bike scene, but i want to get into downhill, so i can go with the owner of the shop i hang out it. what are some good tips? (real ones, like how to jump, brake, and other stuff)

i have a hardtail, and am getting another on monday.


Nacho Libre
Mar 16, 2004
well for a tip that involves jumping and braking, if your in the air and you want to bring the front end down, pull your rear brake. The braking friction of the rear wheel brings the front end down... has something to do with physics.

other than that, have fun riding your bike man!


Brevity R Us
Aug 16, 2001
Lynnwood, WA

LOTS of padding.

Get protective gear because everyone who DH's is bound to fall and fall hard. It is not "IF" it is "WHEN" you will crash. Injuries aren't fun I don't care who you are! :)
Jan 7, 2004
D.C. area
Buy armor and a full-face helmet before you buy a downhill bike. There are always downhill bikes that friends are willing to lend out, but it seems like there's not much spare padding to lend out. If you're going to buy all your gear at once, make sure you budget for protective gear. You might have to buy a bike that costs less than you initially thought you could afford.

The first day I ever wore a full-face and body armor, I pushed my skills and belly-flopped five feet off of one boulder onto another. Got up without a scratch. But I was freaked out for sure.


Mama Monkey
Oct 30, 2003
Dancin' over rocks n' roots!
RhinofromWA said:

LOTS of padding.

Get protective gear because everyone who DH's is bound to fall and fall hard. It is not "IF" it is "WHEN" you will crash. Injuries aren't fun I don't care who you are! :)
:stupid: Get quality pads and ride...practice does make perfect, but even the pros crash!


Turbo Monkey
Aug 13, 2005
brian lopes makes a good book about mountain bike skills you should check it out


Mar 26, 2005
You control the bike & YOU tell it what to do..Only riding time will biuld confidence.Try to follow & ride with better riders to learn more.

Small movements make a big difference on a mountainbike..

It's also about making the tires stick most of the time..

Have fun with it....Every ride .

Watch some DVD's on "MUTE" you tend to focus in on exactly what the Pro rider is actually doing rather than "just watching"!!!

Try a VPP suspension system.They are plush & pedal great, like a hardtail.



Dec 21, 2004
Colorado Springs
proanti1 said:
what the hell is that? like one of those loaded seat posts?

vpp is a suspension design that is on santa cruz's and intenses. they are good but brake jack and get pedal feedback do to an s curve axle path. I own one a v10.

as for tips:

1. stay back on you saddle through rock gardens and go fast, do not get going really slow iot makes it dificlut to roll over rocks.

2. Use brakes rolling up to rack gardens and drops then roght before them let go of brakes to mainain suspension and momentom.

3. Stand up a lot. if you legs get tired lock you knees on mellow sections.

4. Use your front brake.

5. Flow with it move around hop of some rock to make it over others, pump in and out of corners.

6. keep it low on jumps if your looking for speed.

7.pedal out of any corners you can to keep speed up.

8.Look for the best lines and use them, not always the smoothest is best, most direct and the one that sets you up best for corners.

I use these tips to help get friends faster, my dad faster (ridden xc and road for 15 years and just started DH), and my self faster.


Sep 24, 2005
i just cant get shifting down, i have to let off the torque to shift (torque + gears = crunchy noises :think: ), then i slow down. maybe i should run fixie, i had a road bike like that.