New to Freeride


Jan 6, 2004
Maple Valley, Washington
if you are planning to jump and do stunts, stuff like that, and you haven't before...the first thing i would suggest is to purchase some pads...elbow/knee/shin....and maybe a full face helmet. chest protectors are a little over board for freeride, but if your confidence is lacking, then go ahead with the chest protector. i would start out with small stuff, and get good at that, then slowly progress to larger stunts. if you have been riding for a long time, the transition from your previous riding to freeriding should be fairly smooth.

Moving on to the bike, if not already, you might want to think about switching some parts out. Maybe beefier wheels, better fork, dual ring chain guide, or single ring if you want. if anything a bash guard to replace the top ring. make sure you cover any weak parts of your bike before beating on it too much. that should be it.


Mar 25, 2004
Wilmington, NC
genpowell71 said:
I'm looking to cross over to the freeride side of the house. Any advice to give would be helpful.
Pad up and find some freeriders to show you how it's done. Hanging with better riders has helped me immeasurably.


Turbo Monkey
Sep 24, 2004
wine country
Yeah, riding with better riders really does help you improve. Naturally, you want to push your self and try to catch up (as in go faster or go bigger).