New To Riding and to RIDEMONKEY!!!


Apr 19, 2007
Santa Barbara, CA
Hey everyone, just wanted to say what's up and introduce myself, and I also had a few questions. To start off my name is Pedro, a pleasure to be a part of RIDEMONKEY =).

I had a question about the bike I bought. I purchased a K2 Sidewinder FS that rides pretty smoothly but I had a couple concerns.

First: I've been researching MTB's a lot because I needed to find a good bike that wasn't too expensive, and I found this one for about $300, and I'm assuming that when it was new it cost a bit more then that. I was just curious if anyone knows much about this bike? I know that the parts it has a decent for the price.

Second: I've read a lot of things about certain MTB's being for certain activities, such as: Jumping, XC, or just for road use. How do I know what my bike was made for and if it will work for just basic trail riding?

Third: Should I upgrade to disc brakes sometime soon, or just wait a while? Also, would it be a good idea to upgrade my rear shock to something none stock?

LAST!! I'm from the Santa Barbara, Ca area and was curious if anyone in here knows of any good trails around here?