New to The Forum

Jul 6, 2010
Near Philly
Hello everyone,

Im new to the forum and still learning how to navigate so im not sure if this is in the right spot. lol. im a freerider and i race in multiple catagories. im not sponsored but i do race a good bit in the summer. i ride a Versus Blitz downhill bike setup to freeride. i bought it in very bad shape on craigslist for $700. fixed it up, put some money into it, and now its worth alot more than what i spent. im quite proud of that bike its been through hell. i also have a Diamondback Joker bmx bike i transitioned into a bmx racer(this one isnt worth nearly as much lol). and i have an Old Raliegh tenspeed i use just for joy, i dont race onroad. im in southeast pennsylvania close to philly. glad to be part of this. anyone would like to introduce themselves feel free so i can get to kno people.