New toy (KTM)


Turbo Monkey
Nov 5, 2007
Santa Barbara, CA
So, been a LOOOOOOOOOONG time since I've been on here. Since I've last been on here this 24 year old washed up pro dh crappy racer has had a lot happen. I've moved out from my parents house into my own place, sold my baby last week (duramax), had my dog die last week....and this week purchased the new toy I get to pick up tuesday! Got myself a 2011 KTM 530exc that's plated for CA!! It has a couple minor things done like better skid plate, hand guards, graphics, suspension by RG3, bigger brakes, FMF exhaust and 4.5gal tank. The thing is spotless and only has 800 miles!

Not mentioning what I paid for it but it also includes new tires, second set of wheels, new chain, brakes and sproket. Can't wait to pick her up after work!!

Oh, and I'm thinking about starting to do a few DH races here and there this coming year but feel like I have more fun drinking beer and hunting now haha.


Turbo Monkey
Feb 25, 2002
Walden Ridge
I love my 530. I also have a 250sx which I race HS and ride motocross on but just did 50 miles of rocky, tech singletrack and this 530 is a monster truck.