New wheelset.


Jun 27, 2005
Hey all,

Getting my Blindside ready for the 08 season, I'm leaning towards lacing up a new wheelset. Current wheelset sits at over 2500g + 500g for tubes + 2500g for tires.

Not sure if I want to run UST/UST or another setup w/ Stans. Opinions? I'm 195#, no drops over 8', don't like jumping, more racer type. I've never cut a sidewall on any tires I've ran, and only pinch flatted when running single plys at Downieville.

Thoughts? Most of the riding this summer will be at N* and Downieville, and a trip to Whistler.

If I went UST, I would got Minion/819 or 823. Dependable setup?