New Whip? New toys for the dependable steed?


Space Monkey
Jul 2, 2001
The bunker at parliament
That's no trail helmet, it's an XC lid with an XC jaw added too it.
You're not expecting it to stop anything are you?
I broke one of those in the shop that the rep brought in for us to look at.
I flexed it a bit too much with my hands..... We didn't buy any after that.
Is a pity as the other Kali helmets are awesome.


Space Monkey
Jul 2, 2001
The bunker at parliament
So 3 days before xmas my front hub that was ordered back on the 19th of Jan finally turned up so I could finish the build.
Super stoked with how this one came out!

Production Privee Shan GT Titanium (Large)
170mm PNW Loam post with wolftooth lever and post clamp
DVO Diamond fork at 150mm
Hadley racing hubs in gold laced to Roam industries (Zerode guy) Carbon rims with a cushcore XC in the rear
Hope Tech 3 E4 brakes with the braided lines
Diety Cooperhead steam and chromag fubars, Wolftooth headset
Chromag trail master LTD tooled leather saddle
RF Next SL cranks, Absolute black 32t chainring and Chromag Scarab pedals
Black & gold KMC 11spd chain
XTR Titamium 11spd cassette
XT rear mech and XTR shifter
Vee Flowsnap WCE gravity 29x2.5 on the front and a Dissector 29x2.4 on the rear.

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the teste
Nov 22, 2002
And I thought a rear Rekon and a front DHR2 was a mismatch. The back got a little skatey especially on leaves and pine straw. With the Ass-guy up front, the rear must pass you on a regular basis. :eek:
That certainly isn't a preferred setup as I just threw together what I could get my hands on to test out 27.5" wheels on that bike. It came with 29" wheels but the smaller wheels work better with it, while they suck on the Chromag.

That being said I have always preferred less aggressive tires on the back of a bike. I'd much rather have the rear end slide when pushing the limits in a corner and will corner harder on a setup that is more controllable than one that may have better overall traction.


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When do you get to ride it? :D
This week I'm headed either up to crestline if it's now snowed in or idyl wild and hit project X ..them next month after Hawaii we are headed to Santa Barbara and tunnels...

I know I don't get much time to ride between shop, family, LAFD background and competitions (training), travel...so I'm making time...then we just got rained out , feel like I'm back in Seattle lol ..except there we ride here they hang you tar you and feather you if you leave a rut...
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Rusty Trombone
Jul 10, 2003
I'd like to know which daughter of El Chapo Guzman did you get to marry.
lol I knew the pic would get a rise but it really isn't as extravagant as it looks. The Porsche was sold to fund the R8 and I am sure the R8 cost less than some ppl's trucks and SUV's in this post. Anyway back to bikes, really digging those ti hardtails, which I had room in the stable for something like that.