New Whip? New toys for the dependable steed?


Turbo Monkey
Apr 21, 2002
Northern California
Yeah. Weighed on my digi kitchen scale. I think it might weigh more than my Knolly Delirium frame. Doesn’t feel heavy riding it, picking it up is an eye opener though.


Jeremy Hottinger
Apr 26, 2015
So, first ride today for my new i9 wheel, and I noticed a relatively large amount of drag when freewheeling. Anyone know any good thinner greases to throw in there to mitigate this, or should I wait for the stuff in there to break down so more?


¡Mira, una ardilla!
Dec 20, 2007
La Plata, Argentina
I don't know how hard would it be to get the Interflon products in your location, but I definitely choose them over any other bike specific stuff since a long time ago. Their siliconed grease is waterproof as heck, doesn't accumulate grit, and their two-phase chain lube is excellent.

I have been using them for over 6 years now and as I said before, I'm not going with any other brand since I discovered them.

Now back to our regular feature presentation.


Jun 8, 2009
looks great. Can't wait to hear your thoughts on the frame.
The bike is fantastic. In full disclosure I work inside sales and marketing for Jamis, but it's probably the best pedaling full-suspension bike I've ridden. As it goes through travel the instant center remains behind the bottom bracket's center while at the same time tracing the chain line. It does seem to keep pedaling forces and bump forces independent of each other, which is pretty great for technical climbing. When we built up the first prototypes I rode my local trails back to back with my current bike, both 160mm travel front and rear. I'm as skeptical as they come, but that little experiment was eye-opening. There was stuff I'd scoot right up on the 3VO bike that seemed much more challenging on my personal bike. And these are bits of trail that I know like the back of my hand.


Jun 20, 2007
Picked up a barely used DHX2 to stick on my V10.5 at a price that was frankly too good to pass up. Snowing like fuck here still so won't be testing it for a while, but excited to see how it performs. Pictures will follow next week when it's on the bike.


Jun 20, 2007
Congratulations, you just gave @Udi a stroke.
Haha I'm well aware. The only saving grace here is that it's the fat shaft model that gets replaced and not the thin shaft version, I would imagine.

In any case what doesn't kill us makes us stronger so maybe he takes it as a character building experience. ;)


Mar 15, 2019

Old parts, new frame. XL 2017 Wilson non crabon.
Really excited to test this thing out. Suspension feels so dialed even with just the initial setup. Now i´m intrigued to experience the Weagle suspension wizardry myself.
How does it ride? What bike the parts come from?


Aug 24, 2008
Salzburg, Austria
How does it ride? What bike the parts come from?

Haven´t had a proper ride on it yet due to snow, but judging by the little tests i did the rear suspension is bloody amazing. Springrate is on the harder side yet the thing hugs the ground like nothing else. ATM i have the shock out to be custom valved. I plan on giving it a proper test once the shock is back. Rebound on the Vivid was kinda hit or miss
Geometry is spot on as well, albeit it is damn short for an XL. I knew that from the beginning though and the XL is perfect for me.
Parts came from a Solid Strike.


Sep 5, 2008
I just got this to try out. Couldn't pass the price for it new and geo looks pretty solid. Recovering from a busted wrist so will be a couple more weeks before I can think about getting it out but let a couple buddies give it a go and they are a bit infatuated. GT is under the radar but this Sensor is showing promise.


Turbo Monkey
Sep 9, 2001

Year 2+ for the Mega 290. Bumped the rear travel up to 176mm with a 8.5x2.5 shock and ended up throwing a 180mm air shaft into the Yari. CRC hooked me up a set of Nukeproof Horizon wheels since I kept blowing up Neutron freehubs. Threw on some Ebike Vee Flow Snap tires. Haven't really put them through the ringer yet and haven't played around with pressure too heavily so I can't compare them to the HR2 DD's yet other than they definitely climb far better than the HR2'S.

Planning on swapping over my Zee brakes, adding a Works -2 degree headset, and doing a few other things.


Bob the Builder
Aug 24, 2004
In the cleavage of the Tetons
My only reservation is how long it is...I am happy at ~430 reach (which the instinct is), the MT is 450. As stated before, my geometry is that of a t-Rex with long legs. Bottom line, I will demo both back to back at Grand Targhee this summer, and see which one I can get the front end up more quickly on.


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Jan 20, 2009
Is there any other pedal ! ?
Yeah, there's heaps out there without the horrible bump in the middle, some even have a nice chamfer on the leading edge so rock strikes are less of an issue.

The Wah Wah has had it's day, if we need to get all nostalgic I'd have an Azonic A Frame over a Wah Wah any day of the week.

I'm just doing upgrades, new Archer Shifter, Syntace Numbernine 2 Titan pedals, Antidote handlebar, Suntour 11-36 11 speed road cassette, Profile Helm stem and a Tune bottle cage as my Topeak one is a missile launcher and is the sole reason I get no KOMs.....
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Aug 29, 2005
shimsbury, ct
Really enjoying being on a bike that properly fits me!!!!
650b is kinda cool? Need to ride it more to feel a difference.
The components are ehh, Need a stiffer spring front and rear ( The previous owner def didnt like drinking alot of beer )
I like the 203mm rotor in the back, I am already diggin' the Sram brakes compared to the Zees ( nice long levers, no fucking lever-to-bar surprises, and actually locks up my wheels )
The pedals that came with the build are incredible. Big Crankbrother Stamps