Newbie with Aligning rear wheel on trike


Oct 2, 2012
Hey all,

I am new to this site and I have an ICE trike. I am installing an electric rear wheel (necessary for medical/physical reasons). Having done so, the center-line of the wheel is one-quarter inch to the right of the center-line of the fork. Does it matter? If so, why? I have spoken with bike shop people and they all say it should be centered, but the reasons do not seem founded in physics or engineering.

It seems to me that — with the two front wheels aligned — the location of the rear wheel is not a critical issue. If I were to take a sharp turn at a high speed, I can imagine potential imbalance possibilities, but the likelihood of that occurring is very remote.

Brake considerations are not a factor. The trike has disc brakes that are mounted on the front wheels. If I added washers to the right, freewheel side
, the result would be correspondingly greater distance between the derailleur and the
freewheel and also increased tension to the forks.
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