Newest Sandy Ridge trail (TTM) scheduled to open June 9th...


Feb 20, 2010
Pac NW
Two Turntables and a Microwave (aka "TTM"), the newest trail at the Sandy Ridge Trail System (SRTS), will officially open on June 9th, as part of a celebration for "National Get Outdoors Day". There will be a small amount of trail work that day to open the trail with volunteer help. IMPORTANT: Some people have been "previewing" the new trail, but please refrain from riding it the next week as the BLM will have mechanized equipment working on the trail prior to the Saturday opening-- for the sake of everyone's safety.

TTM starts at "proposal point" off 338 and will tie into upper Hide & Seek at the bridge across Little Joe Creek. The trail traverses the steep slope from the point down to the creek, with large insloped turns as it switchbacks back and forth a few times, incorporating many rolling straights, some doubles and tabletops, as well as some other optional features.

Having been able to previously scout the trail, it's a fun and blazingly fast addition to the SRTS network. The terrain is relatively smooth compared to the Quid Pro Flow section, with the exception of a run thru a vein of baby head rocks, so a smaller trail bike will navigate well, but speed builds quickly while traversing this steep slope. Another beautiful flow trail for SRTS! Come join the fun June 9th.

For more information, here's the word from the BLM:

BLM said:
Come join the Bureau of Land Management, International Mountain Bicycling Association, Northwest Trail Alliance, AntFarm Youth Corp and bike industry supporters to celebrate the Sandy Ridge Trail System!

In the morning, help us open the newest addition to the Sandy Ridge system, TTM (Two Turntables and a Microwave). Volunteers will be rewarded with the first opportunity to sample this officially opened new trail as we trade in tools for bikes in the afternoon.

In preparation for the opening, the BLM, IMBA and Antfarm will be completing the final stages of trail development on Two Turntables and a Microwave. Mechanized equipment and youth crews will be on site over the next 10 days to finish this key addition to the Sandy Ridge Trail System. Please refrain from riding Two Turntables until this segment opens on June 9th. Additionally, we are looking to recruit volunteers to help put the finishing touches on this new trail at the BLM sponsored Get Outdoors day event.

BLM website: Sandy Ridge Trail System Details Oregon/Washington BLM

BLM Get Outdoors day flyer: http://www.blm.gov/or/resources/recreation/files/brochures/GetOutdoorsFlyer_final.pdf
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