News: Troy Lee Launches Enduro Helmet

Jan 24, 2013
Hi Stikman
You should really show up to an Enduro race. It's real fun! And come along with your helmet over here in Europe, taht's gonna be more fun! Not allowed to take the start because of an open (your) face helmet...
Make a light full face please!


Turbo Monkey
May 21, 2002
Orange, Ca
We do make a rad full face, its called a D3.
There is a certain multi world champion, from france that wears a D3 in enduro racing, Nicolas Vouilloz, you might have heard of him?
And there is a certain guy from the UK that usually kicks some ass racing in one of our helmets. Unmarked of course because he is sponsored by another helmet company.

At any rate, I use the term 'enduro' as a buzz word for the type of riding one would do in our A1.

But I will be at some enduros, and when they call for a full face, I will have the best lid on the market-D3, and when I want a real nice open face-TLD A1. Sounds good to me. cheers
Jan 24, 2013
Well I'm not the one who painted "for the fastest racers in the world" at the back of it. Did you mean XC? ;)

Yes I know Vouilloz as well as Dan A. thanks! So question about the D3, as I found out it's not so much heavier than a D2 carbon (that you don't make anymore :( ): would the D3 get as hot (mean inside temperature, so your head) than the D2 or better?
You will want to really tv show as much as a powerful Enduro race. It's actual fun! And come along with your head protection over here in Europe, taht's gonna feel even more fun! Not authorized to take the begin because of a open (your) face head protection...
Make a light full face please!