Nicolai's reply about the NEW G-Boxx


Jun 21, 2004
Port Coquitlam, B.C., Canada
Hi Stephen

sorry for the late reply. We had many bicycle trade show the
last weeks. Unfortunatelly we did not found the right distributor for Canada.
It is a pitty.

This current G-BOXX-1 version is working with a modified
14 speed rohloff internal and for this reason the
OE price (1200-1500 euros) is very very high compared to the
nexus or any deraileur systems. This G-BOXX-1 is manufactured
in small quantities only.
But anyway the G-BOXX-1 is a great product and we
have already 3 different manufacturers building bikes
for their 2006 Worldcup racing season ( Nicolai, MBK and MDC)
The G-BOXX-1 system is welded to the frame and it is not working with the new
standard interface G-CON.

But nevertheless, and you have seen it on the CAD-screen ...
we are working very hard these days in order to
get a new G-BOXX-2 design done in order to lower the weight and
the OE price very much. I cannot promise a date , but next summer
seems realistic for prototypes . G-BOXX-2 will not be welded to the
frame but be connected according to the new G-CON standard.
All measurements reg. the G-CON standard will be online on
www.g-boxx.org november 2005.

best reg

Karl Nicolai