Nikon D4 camera body and Nikon SB-900 for sale

Discussion in 'Creative Pursuits' started by RUFUS, Jun 20, 2013.

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    Currently selling a mint Nikon D4 body with extra batteries and a mint Nikon SB-900. Looking for $5300 for the D4 and $375 for the SB-900. The D4 comes with original box and all manuals, extra EN-EL14 battery and strap. The SB-900 does not come with the original box but does come with the pouch and everything else.

    image-3.jpeg image-4.jpeg photo.JPG image-1.jpeg image-2.jpeg image.jpeg

    Feel free to email me at rufusphotography(at)mac.com for more info. Please DO NOT message me here as I only have my phone for internet currently.

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