nine speed upgrade question

Oct 11, 2012
East Bay Area, CA
I recently came into possession of some x9 nine speed stuff from a friend my only problem is I have a brand new eight speed crank as well as a new bb, is possible for me to swap the chain rings on it currently for some nine speed specific rings and continue to use it. I have everything else cassette, shifters and chain. I have all documentation as well so I know what chain ring dimensions to look for. Thanks in advance for any help!


Turbo Monkey
Jul 5, 2001
North Van
IIRC 8 9 and 10 speed chains all have the same internal dimensions. Only the outside dimension is narrower so the teeth on the chain rings will work fine. The difference is in the width of the front derailleur cage and the shape and depth of the shift ramps and pins. Your shifting may be a bit slower as a result. But try it and see.