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Compensating for something
Packing to fly out tomorrow. Any CO monkeys have suggestions of breweries or related places in the Denver area that are a decent meet-up spot? We are staying near Centennial and will be there through until maybe 330pm.
Last time I did the same, no monkeys showed up in the recommended pub. But I think they like you better. ;)


Turbo Monkey
Sep 16, 2008
Ottawa, Canada
Just changed the oil in my fork lowers, tightened the bearing pre-load on my rear hub and lubed my chain. I am now ready to ride this evening.

I need to work on my fork more often, as that took way longer than it should have at 1.5 hours. I think there's a lot of time-wasters in the process, that if you remember them would save time (e.g. press all the air out of the air side if you can't reach the rod to thread the nut back in, and taking the brake off)


Turbo Monkey
Mar 19, 2002
Copenhagen, Denmark
I grew up in Canada, but spent grade 11 (age 15) at boarding school in France. I remember feeling like I was getting away with murder when I went to the grocery store to buy chips, beer and liquor. But my friends were all like "what's the big deal dude, chill out".

I think things may have changed a bit since then, in large part due to the EU I assume...
Nothing to do with the EU. It's more a health question and just have a conversation about alcohol consumption which I think is a good thing. Even though I did feel many parents just go Nancy Ragen and think just say no is the answer.


We noticed.
Dec 3, 2009
Cackalacka du Nord
Trailside logs hiding under the brush can go fuck themselves. :mad:
the scar on my knee from one and my dislocated finger from another agree 100%

85 here this afternoon and the humidity is gone and it is glorious. had patio beers with a buddy while older kid was at rex kwon do. t'was nice.

slowly working on planting the idea in my mom's head to give the older kid her car now thar she's not driving...


Space Monkey
Jul 2, 2001
Karori, Poneke Te Ika-a-Maui
Welcome to the cult of eMTB @DaveW — Long may your uphills be as fun as your downhills!
It's my 2nd ebike. ;)
Was a good 1st ride on the Orbea RiseM10 though....... But dammit I think I broke another finger.
Sometimes #800mmwide4lyfe is not a good thing for every trail.
Rata ridge trail strikes again!

I should also bust out the shock bushing reamer and get those 36's a bit more buttery*, but overall quite happy with the setup so far.

*36er's usually take a lot more effort to get dialed in compared to RS or DVO.


Press Button, Receive Stupid
Nov 10, 2005
media blackout
Dislocated my hip on one. Fucking hate them. I hate to start teaching Haley about them last weekend.
the problem isn't that this one was hidden, but that the width required extreme precision because there's another log at the same height on the other side. some shitclown just cut the gap in a downed tree way too narrow for anything but the slowest speeds.


Turbo Monkey
Sep 16, 2008
Ottawa, Canada
Same. Not cut far enough off the trail, and now masked with vegetation. Shoe destroyed, foot is sore but hopefully not broken.
One of those took me down last year in a fast sweeping corner. Washed out and hit my head hard enough to crush the side of my helmet.