No message??? F*#k you.


Crusading Clamp Monkey
Sep 27, 2006
Deep in the heart of TEXAS
I am so sick of telemarketers calling for the owner 6 Goddamned times a day. I recognize your voice, bitch. Stop calling. I told you the first 5 times that I would take a message. If you can't bother with that, f*#k off. I don't have time for you. You won't allow me to even be your personal f*#king secretary. If you don't have a message, don't call. Seriously. Is my lot in life answering calls from some monotone uttering monster that has nothing better to do than dial our number 12 times a day. I have a rule at home. I will allow one call to offer a service or upgrade. If you call me more than once, ever, I cancel. Period. I hate those attempts. How about you not suck, or not rape me on price in the first place? Then you won't need to call to offer to make things better. :rant: