No more DH bikes from Orange


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Jan 9, 2004
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First off, I thought it has been well established via the Ridemonkey WC E-spec Team that a Demo is in fact not a real "downhill" bike given the devastation it has wrought upon one Aaron Gwin. So my point stands :thumb:

Actually, I thought about the Demo as I was typing my earlier response, and thought they had switched to 150 mm. But now that I think about it, this is the company that still (stubbornly) doesn't have a 650 bike, so maybe they are going to address a lot of standardization issues all at once...650 All-Enduro-Trail bike, 150 mm rear Demo, and non-proprietary shocks.



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Mar 19, 2013
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well thats odd.. im seeing frames go to 157 (im assuming for the same reason), while others are going back to 135? this is confusing.

anywho, isnt mojo a suspension store? now im real lost. :confused:


Feb 18, 2009
Hubs are an awful lot more reliable and than they were, when DH went to 150mm...so it's safe to go 135 rear now.

(that's what the specialized video said anyways)


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Apr 12, 2004
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Huh, I thought the main reason they switched to 150mm was for better chain alignment with 83mm BB widths. Shows you what I know.
That's one good reason. Another is to easily build a zero dish (stronger) rear wheel. I can only guess that they are doing 135 on the S-Works to save whatever small amount of weight they can from the narrower hub/rear triangle and maybe they can do a zero dish wheel with the 7-speed cassette on there.


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Sep 27, 2005
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Proof that not even the bike industry can agree as to why they come up with so many "standards."
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Mar 3, 2007
Huh, I thought the main reason they switched to 150mm was for better chain alignment with 83mm BB widths. Shows you what I know.
Basically yes, but in reverse order. 83mm BBs were a response to 150mm hubs in order to keep the chainline reasonable. 150mm hubs were originally introduced to increase the flange spacing of hubs in order to stiffen and strengthen the wheel laterally. Unlike 135mm hubs, it's feasible to build 150mm hubs with the flanges spaced evenly either side of the centreline, allowing zero-dish wheels to be built. This does involve pulling the non-drive-side flange in a bit (so overall flange spacing between 150 and 135 isn't much different), and for a while there were also 165mm rear ends (as used by Giant and Iron Horse before the Sunday) that allowed for super wide hub flange spacing but also required a 100mm BB shell to work properly. Those were awesome for having a stable stance on the pedals, but it made the actual pedaling action really weird and gimp-like, and they also sat your derailleur/frame/axle out quite a way, making derailleur destruction even easier.


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May 23, 2002
I was/am not a fan of wide bbs. I didn't like the 100 on my dh bike, nor the one on my fat bike, and I thought the 83mm one was really only passable. I much preferred the 73 if you actually wanna pedal. I never had too much trouble with wheel strength as long as they were properly built.


Apr 27, 2012
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May 24, 2007
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I think the highest full build aluminum has the 135 for 2014. Complete cheap demo carbon (2013) had 150, not sure if that one switched to 135 this year.