non UST Larsen TT on Stan's rim...

Mike B.

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Oct 5, 2001
State College, PA
Maxxis tires work well. You may have a small cut or puncture somewhere from the previous use but the sealant will take care of that. Just apply soapy water to the beads, sealant in the tire and inflate. Shake the tire side to side as you rotate it to work the sealant up the sidewalls, check with soapy water for any remaining leaks and go ride.

demo 9

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Jan 31, 2007
north jersey
i have larsen TTS they seem to wear out very fast depending on what u are doing, both me and my friend have them and he rides mostly street and i ride more dirt. after 2 months his is completely slick and mine is halfway gone, however the tires perform well when they work