North Carolina: "No longer a democracy"

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Business is good, thanks for asking
Jun 4, 2006
I have no idea where I am
Great, the only thing we have ever been fist at since the Wright Brothers, and it's the destruction of Democracy. Well don't ya'll fret none, Trump is going to give the rest of the country what we already have. Enjoy...

eric strt6

Resident Curmudgeon
Sep 8, 2001
directly above the center of the earth
and the election just got tossed

In making the motion to hold a new election, board chairman Bob Cordle said that based on evidence presented this week about "the corruption, the absolute mess with the absentee ballots, the illegal activities that have occurred there in the election office itself, and with the people involved in the absentee ballots," it "certainly was a tainted election."

State investigators described a "coordinated, unlawful" mail-in ballot "scheme" in Bladen County run by operative McCrea Dowless that included the collection of absentee ballots, which is illegal in North Carolina.