Northeast Monkeyfest 2013 - Kingdom trails, Burke VT


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May 23, 2002
Every year the northeastern monkeys (most of the founders/oldest members of this site) gather together for what we call "Monkeyfest" in East Burke, VT, home to some of the best singletrack in the United States, and also home to Burke bike park, a rather new but growing lift-served mountain bike park.

This event is always open to everybody but it's usually XCers. This year I thought I'd extend the invite to the non-lounge dwellers and see if anybody from the DH forum wanted to come. The more the merrier. The dates are July 25-29. We typically rent a lodge that sleeps somewhere around 20-25 people, and while we certainly enjoy beer, it's not a Delta House type of event where things that burn are welcome and you don't fall asleep with your shoes on. Last year we did have a dual slalom even that ended up in the basement though.

Price is usually around $100, food is provided (breakfast lunch and dinner), and you have to buy your own bike pass. Burke mountain is just up the road, the Kingdom Trails are literally out the back door, and you're only 2.5hours to Killington or Bromont, if you want race in the Eastern States cup's Enduro on the 28th. Bromont is just over the border. More details and signups are available here.

As for what you else you can expect, KT has been voted best trail network in America by Bike mag and Dirtrag in the past. Burke mountain is Knight Ide's pet project that has two of the best laid out trails I've ridden, Knightslayer and Jester. Both trails are similar to stuff you'd find at highland, and are really fun.

So, sign up if you're interested. Past years we've had brewers from Troegs show up (FREE BEER YAY), french canadians, JBP's mustache, drunken night rides, tire blowouts, moonshine fueled circle track racing, and deep fried turkey. It's a good time.
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