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    I haven't been out riding much this winter, and my local trails are very overgrown from all the rain. Saturday I went out on my usual loop near Ladera Ranch. I was happily surprised to see one gentleman spending his entire Sat with a weed-wacker and a can of gas, working alone, clearing several miles of overgrowth from the single track.

    THANK YOU! :cheers:

    About 4 years ago me and a buddy spend a very rainy 2 days working on this same trail. Creating some water bars to avoid erosion, creating some berms in the unmake-able corners, bench cutting an off camber wall, and digging out some thistle. We turned a very boring, weed covered, hike n bike section into a flowing fun trail. It has been one of the most rewarding 2 days of work I ever put in. It brings a smile to me when I follow a stranger thru it and see how fun it is.

    Make the time to help keep your trails in working order! Especially in the areas that do not see much traffic. It's amazing how fast the weeds can overcome a great trail.
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