oh lord won't you buy me a Mercedes Benz


Part of the unwashed, middle-American horde
Jul 26, 2006
You see this a lot around SF/Oakland. I would assume the same for any areas with concentrated black populations. Beyond the fact that the cars are ugly as all hell, it does so much damage to the drivetrain to have a setup like that. The added stress on the suspension, etc make those things die incredibly fast. Add to it that the cars are usually extremely high mileage, and you essentially have a throw away car in which the wheels are likely worth more than the car itself.
It is quite a sad sight when you think about what percentage of that individuals gross income is spent on that car vs. things like healthy food and self-improvement. Then again, I would take BIG money that most of those individuals are, or live with, family members that support them with food stamps and the like and/or are drug dealers.