"Oh, yaa!"! Fargo is on HDHet Movies tonite....

when i went to germany with my school, one of the other schools that went with us was from that area, and the teacher had THE fargo accent. Oh yeah you betcha, for sure marge" then she'd speak german with that accent and it was terrible. i couldnt keep a starit face anytime she opened her mouth


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Nov 7, 2001
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ridetoofast said:
that look he gives her in the end as he is stuffing the foot into the grinder like

'what...i aint doing nothing wrong'

HUGE coen brothers fan

although i think i like the big lebowski even better
yep, the big lebowski is the best.

fargo and raising arizona are 2nd.

blood simple and miller's crossing next (iv'e only seen it once so it may belong in the number 2 slot)

least favorite was hudsucker proxy, and i couldn't get too excited about o brother where art thou? barton fink was extremely bizarre, but i liked it more than the above two.