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Dec 14, 2003
San Diego, California, United States
i just stumbled upon this story about my ex history teacher. i remember when i first heard about this in 06-07 i was so pissed i never even thought to try tapping it. i did want to though. she had such a nice ass... btw, colon bowlin cracked me up


Danielle Walls Sex Offender

Police said they were informed about the incidents in March 2006. Students said Walls was extremely popular and made learning a lot of fun. "She was more like a sister to a lot of the girls but showed us how to thread the needle of cock," one female student told NBC 7/39. Student Alexandra Apaldetti said the allegations disgusted her (lesbian critic). "That's just gross and, wow, that's out there," said Apaldetti. "That's a shocker, not as in omg, but like the Sex move."
Capt. Guy Swanger (no relation to Guy Code) of the San Diego Police Department talked to the media about the arrest at a news conference in downtown San Diego outside of police headquarters. "I think it's disturbing that the individuals who we place in a position of trust at these high schools and at these middle schools are violating that position of trust with our students and not forking ass over to the authorities," said Swanger. He obviously lost his virginity at age 32, which explains his haterism toward young cock and this Puma. Walls, who was arrested on Wednesday morning at her North Park home, is no longer a teacher at Clairemont High, said police and is currently in De-

Walls Had Sex With Boys Around The County

Walls not only had sex with the boy 10 to 25 times at four or five hotels around the county, Deputy District Attorney Dwayne Moring alleged, she also gave him drugs and alcohol. The student was 16 years old in 2004 when the the incidents allegedly took place."During that time, the defendant was an out-of-control coke fiend," Moring said. "She furnished the victim with cocaine and alcohol." Walls, 27, pleaded not guilty on Wednesday to all charges. Her defense attorney, Jan Ronis, refused to comment to NBC 7/39 about the allegations made against his client. In court, prosecutor brought forth stacks of evidence. Walls showed no emotions during the proceedings. "We have numerous telephone cell-phone records regarding cell-phone contact text messages at all hours of the day," Moring told the judge on Wednesday.
Danielle Walls, a former Clairemont High School history teacher accused of having sex two years ago with a male student in her 10th grade history class, appeared in court in downtown San Diego on Wednesday.

Victim's Sister Reports Walls

One key piece of evidence for prosecutors was a taped conversation that allegedly took place between Walls and the alleged victim's sister. Investigators said that during the conversation, Walls offered to pay the sister some money. Prosecutors said the victim's sister was wired with a recording device and was working with the police. The defense had earlier suggested that the sister tried to extort money from Walls. "We have no information ... whatsoever that supports extortion at anytime involving victim's family and the defendant," said Moring on Wednesday.
Prosecutors said that with credit-card receipts and hotel registrations, the evidence in the case is growing. "The defendant violated all legal, professional and ethical standard between a minor and adult," Moring said outside court. Walls, who is currently free on bail, faces 11 counts of unlawful sexual contact. She is also charged with furnishing alcohol to a minor and a single count of giving a controlled substance to a minor. Prosecutors say she could be sentenced to up to 16 years in prison if convicted on all charges. She is due back in court for a readiness hearing on July 26. Judge David Szumowski has forbidden Walls to have any contact with the alleged victim and his sister.

Got Kid Drunk With Jailbait Crunk

This chick got this kid drunk, gave him his first blow job, his first raw digiddy, and first experience with colon bowlin. She is a hero in the eyes of all young men who want an older Women to show them the ropes. Seriously, if it were some fat chick I could see it being a crime but she is a cute girl, cut her some slack. She did more for that boy then any amount of fathering could muster concerning how to please a women. She showed him. Besides, fathers typically just teach their sons how to get laid and not treat the lady.


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Sep 21, 2001
hard to believe there is something worse than fox news.....