Ohill park gone, help?


Oct 23, 2005
C-Ville Rep yo
I ride at a place called Ohill in virginia. Just a few weeks ago the freeride park began to have new stuns built on it. I helped build a cupple of them, and there were new drops and jumps all the time. So retard people told us we couldent build, and tore all the stuff down. I went to te local park and rec and asked how I could get building approved in that area. They basicly told me to screw off. How can I get this publicly owned peice of park property approved for building. It's owned by the unavirsity of virginia. Who do I go to? how do I get the ball rolling to start a freeride park. There is a group of riders that are willing to help. Anyone else who lives in charlottesville or surounding places, and would like to help, that would be great. Thanks alot.


Turbo Monkey
Jun 20, 2005
the mid-west armpit!
Hey Hurlly, this is wood-dog, one of the guys who was building up there at o-hill along with ninepointfive and several others. You can thank Paige for ripping all of the stuff down. He claims, he was worried about people getting hurt but the truth is to those of us who have seen him ride, he is just afraid of what he sees becasue he knows he can't hit any of it! Do you know the person I am talking about? He is 40 something and rides a crappy, outdated, P.O.S. of a bike and lives in the collage doorms along with the other freshmen at the University. When you see him next time, watch out because he is nothing more but a snake in the grass!