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Jul 10, 2001
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We have a huge client my boss and a partner gave a dog and pony show as to our litigation technology being the best..."We have the tools for all of your needs". Now, while my boss and her adjoined twin certainly qualify as the tools we have, they (the client) came back two weeks later and requested we do a "project".

:think:...So my boss decides to go with her sidekick to train for paralegals within our firm in software 1 hour away. Hmmmm.....dog and pony show to simply do a dog and pony show.

Here are the details:

Client has 5 terabytes of data. They would like is to store this data, and do a keyword search over this data.

How would you do this equipment wise? What type of backup would you use?

As far as the software, I figure the best tool fo rthe job would be DTsearch. I figuer in the long term we will need to take this search and further cull it down for legal review. Now the software to that is pretty cut and dry. BUT, it is in the hardware requirements of that much data which for me is a bit daunting. I'd like to keep the equipment cost under lets say $100,000.00. Is that a doable budget as far as hardware?

Now, from what I was told, we're getting the data vie external HD. Is Firewire that much faster as far as loading the data to the new server? We will have a gigabyte router and line to it. But i would like to come up with a basic idea as to how I can best approach this.

Any thoughts or suggestions are greatly welcome. As far as this project is concerned, what kind of cons would we have, or come up against? Now, we do have a great IT department, but I would like to come up with the simplest set up. The IT guys are not savvy insofar as litigation technology is concerned.

Now, I figure, we need space for backups, and of course, in the process of Deduping, we created the "culled down" set, which of course takes up more space due to segregation of the data.

Again, the process I am aware of, and have a general idea of how I would like to do the hardware, but where I would like to make an impact is in the cost and feasibility to take on such a project.


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Sep 21, 2003
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Feb 12, 2003
i own stock in mcdeez too, but won't recommend them unless you like wiping your ass for 3 minutes.

but yeah, hp is certainly worth checking out. and b/c i'm feeling especially bold, check out ibm too, where a service/maintenance contract would be more relevant.