ok so i'm getting a transition preston but...


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Feb 7, 2004
alex. va. usa.
ok so i'm getting a transition preston. now i need to decide on what fork to get. i for the time being i will be using a reba sl which is pretty strong but it is a little short for what the frame is designed for. the bike will be ridden hard at the parks in the summer but i don't get too crazy. nothing over 5-6 foot to flattish and probibly nothing over 15' to tranny. at the same time though this will also be my xc/trail rig. so nothing stupid long or heavy (last years 66).

open options:
any 6" (or near) single crown fork
can't be too exspensive
can't be crappy

KEEP it objective. no company hating. if the fork is better then WHY? also personnal owner ship of the product would be nice because that is the only way to really know how the fork does.

what i have thought of:

travis 150
pike whatever is air
white brother?
66 sl (but man its expensive)

36 not considered (too expensive and i have a beef against fox)


Nov 14, 2002
Bay Area
I have a Pike Team coil shock on my Heckler and have been very happy with it. I've been riding it for about 9 months I guess. I know the Pike Air shocks are pretty sweet too but also pretty pricey if you get the new one with the U-Turn Travel Adjuster.

You may consider one of the Z1's as well.


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Sep 24, 2004
wine country
I would say the 66sl It is a really solid fork that should take anything. It is kind of expensive; look on ebay for a new or used one. There aren't any right now there, but keep looking. Also look in the classifieds on here and mtbr/pinkbike.

That will be a fun bike. When I have money, I want to build a short travel slalom/4x /light fr bike. I will probably get one of those. How much do those weigh approxamately?
Nov 12, 2004
I was just riding my friends sx trail that has the new travis 150mm single crown, it was the plushest fork i have felt exept for the 03 dorado. I would be perfect of a preston.


May 15, 2005
Spokane WA

66sl is a good choice because it can be ran at any travel setting between 40mm (not 140mm, yes, 40mm) to 170mm. With the end stroke bottom out chamber PAR pumped up there's no way in hell it will ever bottom out even if you huck a 10 footer with it at 3 inches of travel.

Just as good as any coil fork out these days, but way more tunable and travel adjustable.


Jun 27, 2005
Get my 04 z150 from me for a steal!
Not even fully broken in yet!

Pm me for interest (sorry for the spam, it was going to go on an 04 Preston though:rolleyes: )



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Jun 10, 2002
you didn't list it, but I believe they call it the z.1 light for '06 ('05 z.1fr1) for that bike and what you described.

you'd obviously be a guinea pig with the travis. there tpc+ stuff has always been good though.

I dig my pike race for whatever it's worth.

You could go with almost any of those and be happy.


Mar 31, 2004
Broomfield, CO
Though you said nothing stupid long or heavy like last years 66, I would like to chime in regarding my experience with the 66. I bought a 2005 66VF with the intent of riding it aggressively, both XC and DH. Though I had very few rides on it, I did not find it absurdly tall or heavy. It was in fact quite light and a very nice fork. Of course I rode it in the 150mm travel mode, so the A-C was not too tall, but gave enough height to be good for riding the steeps and doing some drops. I'd still take it into consideration if I were you.

By the way, if you have the urge to try one out, I have a 66VF for sale. :thumb:


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Sep 1, 2004
Mattoid said:
find a nice used z150. (I have a local riding bud with one)
yo dannyboy... i'm the bud. i'll be selling my z150 for super cheap here shortly. i'm thinking $1 per mm :p

it would be a fantastic trail fork, it just doesn't suit my purposes for racing/freeriding at all.

actually, i want to sell the z150 to pick up polandspring's 66 above, so hands off :D


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Jun 1, 2004
Transylvania 90210
gotta throw in my vote for a pike. i am on a HT with a Pike Race and i love the fork. it feels strong. the thing has a ton of adjustment range. the travel adjust is more helpful than i thought it would be and i use it all the time. the fork just plain works. it tracks like mad. it stays glued to the ground and is plenty stiff.


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Feb 7, 2004
alex. va. usa.
Jabuttri yes i am being a hypocirt. the thing is that i have one of there rear shocks for about a month and the eyelet came off the shock shaft. also at this time i tried to warrenty it an they wouldn't even give me and RA#. btw i work at a shop and have warrentied many items in the passed. this experance really pissed me off at them.


Dec 4, 2003
East Coast

I'd say go for a pike, you know how cheap you can get it. I've ridden your old Z150 you sold my buddy collin, so that's an option if you want to try that again, but the coil pike kills it in stiffness and damping qualatay imo. Can't wait to see this thing built.